Extinction Rebellion

Rebel Ringer

Rebel Ringer

By Vic Welcoming Group, on 11 November 2021

PurposeMaking phone calls to new XR members to welcome and integrate them.
Working GroupVic Welcoming Group
Hours Per Week 1 hour per week
Contact XRRingerVic@protonmail.com

With the rise of newly signed up XR Vic members, we are looking for people to get involved in calling and welcoming new members. We use a program that provides the contact info and script so that calling is made super easy. You don't need all the answers - listening and talking with new rebels feels good and is effective. All you need is a mobile phone and an hour per week of your time to contribute.

Come join our Rebel Ringing Zoom Parties to help build this movement.

Email us at XRRingerVic@protonmail.com

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